Wedding Photographers and Their Story in America

Wedding photography is not just any type of photography; it actually involves deep affection and emotions that should be captured in just a single second because such occurrence will not be repeated again. Wedding photography is quite challenging; it requires a lot of emotions that the photography should become part so that he himself could understand whether or not it should be included in the photographs. American wedding photographers are quite interesting. Their experience has driven them into perfection. Unlike any other photographers, American top wedding photographers are experts in taking pictures not just only for editorial covers however something that tells a lot of stories.

Today, there are hundreds, even thousands of photographers in the U.S. that offer services, but only few of them understand what wedding photography is all about. Photographers are like painters, they need to capture the emotions of the graphics even if they are not moving. These photographs may include the venue, ceremony, church or even the things that are going on before and after the wedding ceremony.

Here are some top American wedding photographers:

Morgan Lynn Razi – one of the top and finest wedding photographers in the U.S. She has been photographing weddings since she was eighteen years old. She is a Houston-based wedding photographer who gets amazing shots of her clients. With her artistic training and a meticulous technical approach, she came up with amazing wedding photographs. Because of her devotion and interest for love stories, she is able to deliver the great feelings of the client into the photographs. She is currently working with Amir who happens to be her husband and team mate. Her works are recently recognized by American Photo Magazine as one of the top ten wedding photographers not only in the U.S. but also worldwide.

Matt Miller – another top American photographer who is a former punk-rock band member who fell in love with wedding photography. His strong personality is opposite to his photographs. They are soft and dramatic, something that is not common to photographers who don’t have proper training. He also recognized by the American Photo Magazine.

Ryan Brenizer – another photographer who was recently recognized by American Photo Magazine. One of the reasons why he shifted to wedding photography is that he wants to capture real and deep emotions that tell a thousand stories, and only wedding photography is the answer. He worked with Columbia University before but he found his real happiness in wedding photography.

Samm Blake – graduated and earned a degree in Bachelor of Communications with a double major in Photomedia & Journalism, this fine young photographer is a multi-awarded person. She always makes sure that the photographs are not just pretty pictures on the wall but something that will capture the emotion of anyone who will look at it. She is an Aussie who is currently living in New York. She loves documenting the best moments of one’s life which is the wedding day. Her collaboration with the clients gives her the chance to photograph the things that are not seen by the eyes but by what the heart tells her. She is also one of the top photographers who are recognized by the American Photo Magazine.