Wedding Venues in Las Vegas, NV Offering Peculiar Ways to Tie the Knot

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Eccentric Wedding Celebration

Wedding couples are free to tie the knot wherever they want. Typically, the couple’s decision to get married in a lavish hotel is hindered due to their budget. Thus, their dream wedding remains a dream. However, when your luxurious dream wedding can hardly be achieved because of your limited budget, just consider searching for inexpensive wedding venues Las Vegas that offer peculiar ways to celebrate your big day.

Wedding VenueOne of the wedding venues Las Vegas NV you can visit is Treasure Island located in The Strip. Get married in the resort’s pirate ship and the ship’s captain will perform the ceremony. The rest of the ship’s crew swing into the scene on ropes and some couples dress as pirates instead of being in a wedding dress or suit for the festivity.

If you do not like pirates and pirate ship, do the extreme. Exchange vows while skydiving with Vegas Extreme Skydiving. You will be accompanied with a preacher, who will also skydive to perform the ceremony on a plane. When ‘I do’s’ are exchanged, the couple plunge and arrive to the drop zone where the guests celebrate with them.

Another unique wedding celebration that also made Las Vegas the wedding capital of the world is because of helicopter weddings. One of the service providers, Maverick Helicopter, offers a wedding package to take couples to Grand Canyon. The ceremony is held in a plateau where the Colorado River is overlooking. Couples and a few guests are given a ride by helicopter to and from the ceremony and reception venue. You will be amazed how you will look like on your wedding photos.

Probably one of the most peculiar wedding venues in Las Vegas, NV is in an aquarium. Yes, underwater but not in an ocean or sea, but inside a large aquarium where thousands of marine animals are the witnesses. Silverton Casino-Hotel offers a rare wedding package for couples to get married in a 117,000 gallon of salt-water aquarium. Well this probably sounds better than the roller coaster wedding package offered by New York-New York.

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